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This is a story of Shade son of Shadow The Hedgehog and Tikal The Echidna. He has an unknown limit of Chaos Energy thanks to his parents. He has been on many adventures. He is a strong warrior hybrid. He has the strength and will of both the Hedgehog Race and the Echidna Race. However he is a descedant of the King of Echidnas' through his mother and her father Pachacamac. He thought it was just the Knuckles tribe but his grandfather revealed that from his line it is of the Ancient Echidna Empire that is somewhere in The Multiverse. But there is an ancient prophecey that says when the King returns he shall fight his ancestor who is forever known as The Emperor of all Echidnas' the younger brother of the greatest Echidna King Gachacamac that battled his brother for the Empire. The battle shall determine not the fate of The Echidna Empire but, the Multiverse itself. For The Emperor will want to control the entire Multiverse like nearly did over 10,000 years ago by Earth's time. Follow Shade as he uncovers his destiny and finds what he really is for his connection to the Negativity of the Emeralds is a mystery...

A descsion (Or however that is spelt)

I have thought long and hard about this. But it is time for me to allow co-authors to help me. I no longer can do this alone because I am extremally busy. I know I have said for a year and a 3/4's that I will not allow co-authors but, I have to. I already have one that I will not reveal this person until I get the final say so from you all. I put my fabs first before what I say unless I am already dead certain on something. Now it up to you. Should I allow co-authors to help me if so there will be two co-authors. If you want to co-author send me a pm but, not as an invitation just as a pm. I will look at your latest comics and see how good you are at editing for that is what I need. I post another news post in one week on whether I shall or shall not allow co-authors until then. Peace.

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